Thermal Imaging Surveys

Electrical Compliant Ltd can offer a full Thermal Imaging Survey, Thermal Imaging is one of the profound ways of checking your electrical system without causing any disruption to any part of your electrical system or building operation.

It is also an accurate way to enable the advance identification of any potential faults which may occur and potentially prevent valuable downtime to the business and operation of the building.

Benefits of an Thermographic Survey include;

  • Identification of potential fire hazards & safety risks
  • Prevention of breakdowns & equipment failure
  • Safe non-contact inspection
  • Forms the basis of your annual preventative maintenance program
  • Fast and highly accurate measurements
  • No interruption to production, images are best taken during operation
  • Detect faults before they become expensive downtime

Common Issues diagnosed;

  • Corroded or loose electrical connections
  • Overloaded Circuits
  • Unbalanced phases
  • Under rated panel equipment
  • Faulty panel cooling or fans
  • Overheated inverters, drives and power supplies
  • Incoming HVAC issues
  • Faulty PFC capacitors.
  • Unused equipment, circuits & transformers wasting energy

All our thermal imaging inspections are compiled into a detailed final report which are made simple and easy to understand. All faults found during our inspections will be photographed and clearly identified within the report.

Thermal imaging is the fastest way to diagnose electrical faults. We can quickly find which component is faulty using our thermal imaging equipment. Furthermore we can diagnose how the problem occurred and advise on how to prevent future problems. A thermal camera can be especially useful for tracking down recurring or intermittent faults.